Picture of Amelie Perdriaud

hey there, I'm Amelie, a UX Designer and Developer based in Amsterdam

hey there, I'm Amélie

I am a 
UX Designer
 &  Developer

based in  Amsterdam

Picture of Amelie Perdriaud
After working 5 years as a full-stack developer, I graduated from a UX/UI Design Bootcamp, where I learned everything I needed to bring more creativity into my job, and more satisfaction into customers' life.


Picture of Konnect, the first project of Amelie Perdriaud


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A migraine diary to identify what trigger them

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I have an engineering degree in computer science.

In the past 5 years, I worked as a consultant in various companies where I helped to build, code and launch IT product, as part of Agile multi-disciplinary (UX Designers, Engineers, Testers etc.) teams.

I have experience in frontend (Vue.js, Angular) and backend (Java) development, and cloud delivery (AWS and Azure).

Because of my natural leadership, my organisation and my good communication skills, I was named Product owner or Team Lead in many of the teams I worked for.

In 2020, I completed a part-time bootcamp in UX/UI Design next to my full time job.

As part of this bootcamp, I've completed 8 individual and groups projects (e-commerce, applications, editorial content etc.).

I learned a lot about the Design Thinking process, User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, and how to design and test user-centric solutions from A to Z!

I am now a happy certified UX/UI Designer, ready to make a switch in my career.

4 things to know about me

I'm a plant lover

I grew up in a beautiful garden in the countryside of the South of France. Plants and flowers are my second nature. I have more than 50 baby plants at home, and I make my own vegetables garden on my balcony every year.

It challenges my patience and teaches me to learn from my mistakes.

Picture of Amelie Perdriaud gardening
Picture of a ceramic bowl Amelie Perdriaud did

I try to keep my hands dirty

See this little bowl ? Pretty ugly right?

This is the first ceramic I have ever crafted. I keep it as a souvenir, to remind myself that  things can't be perfect the first time around, and that  you can't learn without practicing!

Plus it's actually useful: it makes a perfect peanut bowl. That's what we call a MVP!

I like traveling

Two years ago I quit my job and I traveled in Asia for 8 months with my boyfriend.

We visited Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand...

Working in a ryokan in the Japanese countryside, hiking in the Myanmar mountains, serving breakfast in a hostel in Taipei...

We brought back beautiful memories (and amazing recipes) from there.  We decided we wanted to learn even more about other cultures, and that's how we moved to the Netherlands.

Picture of Amelie Perdriaud
Picture of Morphee Box, a meditation tool

I meditate every day

When gardening is not enough to stop thinking, I meditate. And I use this wonderful tool  to do it. This object is the definition of a  good design.

Useful, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, innovative, long lasting... Ma favorite object in the world (and probably the most useful!)

What others say about me

I think Amélie is very organised, structured and methodical which are all great traits to have for our discipline. I also think she is very result-oriented. We already know she is a perfectionist, which means she is never happy with the final result. The fact that she is probably hard on herself would make her a good designer as she has no problem to reiterate. It also means that she takes criticisms very well.

Her honesty and transparency, not only does it make it easier to ask her for her opinion about important topics, but it also gives a level of trust to her colleagues and her clients, which is very important to establish as a consultant.

I worked along with Amelie as part of team for a banking client. Her proactiveness in solving issues and setting up the development processes that needs to be followed within a scrum team is really commendable. She did a fabulous job in understanding the customer requirements, helped customer in detailing out the requirements, and transformed into IT solution.

One of the main strengths she has is the fact that she bring a lot of efficiency to the team. And her efficiency is not just on the technical side. I see it in day-to-day events such as meetings as well where she tries to guide it the right direction if the team starts getting distracted. Her proactiveness in the team, whether it is to lead a discussion or to take ownership of a task is quite impressive.

Picture of Amelie Perdriaud's personality cloud words

Created from feedbacks I gathered from 14 people I've worked with in the past 5 years.